In 1995, The members/representatives of the Chinese Buddhist Association( CBA ) held a nationwide conference where some of the attendees did mention about five universities established by several different Buddhist groups/communities in Taiwan and state the fact that those unfortunately were not the institutes basically arranged for cultivating highly-educated Sangha, Buddhist monks and nuns. In view of that, members of the CBA in the meeting suggested that the CBA set up a university solely for Sangha. 

As the urgent necessity for having a Sangha-only university was strongly recommended, all the attendees fully agreed and approved the proposal right in the middle of the meeting. Ven. Master Ching Hsin at that time was chairman of the CBA and naturally the very person appointed to take the whole responsibility and possible measures right after a meeting of the central committee members of the CBA. Under the regulations of Department of Education, R.O.C., to have a Sangha-only university did have to face some restrictions/difficulties and those obstacles would not be easily removed or overcome. No one was certain that a Buddhist university solely for Sangha could be built under the State’s laws.

Ven. Master Ching Hsin accepted his Honorary Doctorate Degree awarded from Mahachulalongkornrajaydyalaya University (MCU), Thailand 0n May, 20, 2001 and during his stay he had a chance to state the difficult situations he had been encountering and some different conditions in establishing Shangha-only university between the two countries with Rector of MCU, Phra. Dharmakosajarn.  Master Ching Hsin was then suggested to think deliberately about the possibility of having a MCU’s affiliate university in Taiwan.

MCU, Thailand is not only a national university with a long great tradition but an institute issuing worldwide recognized diplomas. After a couple of years of preparations and numerous evaluations made by the faculty members of MCU who had visited the school site and surroundings three times in the past years, they were fully satisfied with the hard and soft wares and facilities of the institute at  Kuang Teh Temple. With the permission of the members of the School Administrative Committee(SAC), this newly-established Ching Chueh Sangha University started its first session of opening ceremony on September, 10, 2003.  Rector of MCU,Phra. Dharmakosajarn and his School Administrative Committee Members all the way from Thailand flew to share this historical moment and the guiding master of Ching Chueh Sangha University ,Ven. Master Chureh Kuan was there also to deliver a very encouraging speech on that special occasion.

On Oct. 26, 2004, Rector of MCU,Phra. Dharmakosajarn and other 17 school members visited Kuang Teh Temple again to hand officially the Certificate of College Authorization to Ven. Master Ching Hsin, president of Ching Chueh Sangha University.  No tuition fee,miscellaneous expenses,and accommodations would be charged in this four year Sangha-only high education system and those well-performed college graduates would not only get the worldwide recognized diploma from MCU but have an option to study further at MCU in Bangkok, Thailand for MA or Ph.D

Once again on July 18, 2009, Rector of MCU,Phra. Dharmakosajarn with his over 20 members of MCU school administrative committee visited the school to award the Certification of Graduate School Authorization on Mahayana Buddhist Study to Ven. master Ching Hsin, president of Ching Chueh Sangha University.  Accordingly ,the first session of graduate school started recruiting qualified graduate students in Sept..